Friday, September 11, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Harvest Is Great The Laborer's Are Few

The Harvest Is Great The Laborer's Are Few Lord Please send Laborer's.
God has called us to be a shining light in the midst of darkness. Never has there been a greater time to witness and to share the Love of Jesus Christ with others.
I find in this time of economic difficulty that people are looking for answers.
We as Christians have those answers. If we are willing to reap the harvest God will give it to us.
Two weeks ago, I asked the Lord to send those that are seeking him and that if he would send them to me I would speak on his behalf, while I was on my job at a customers site I went to wash my hands, to my surprise I found a young man next to the sink on his knees, I was not sure if he was praying or if he was sick. I said to him are you OK? He did not answer me but walked away. I said to the Lord that was strange, before I left this garage the Lord spoke to me and said "Give him a card to your blog site" I said to the Lord are you sure and he said "Yes"
I called the young man over and gave him a card, he glanced at it, and put it in his pocket. On the next delivery the young man found me and thanked me for the card. He said early that day that a man had told him that God had given a bible to give to him. We then started talking and asked him if he was saved, he said that he believed in God, I told him so does the devil, but he's not going to heaven either. I explained to him what salvation was, and asked him would he like to receive Christ in his heart? Shaking he said yes, and I lead him to the Lord. Right there in a parking lot. Later that day, I went to lunch and a young lady approached me at my table to take my order as we started to talk I asked her how she was doing, she proceeded to tell me not so good. She is a single mom, struggling to make ends meet.
As I started to talk to her about Jesus she started to cry and told me that her sister had been inviting her to church, but she just could not get the nerve to go. She told me that she prays at night for her and her daughter. I told her the answer to her problems was Jesus Christ. Within a short time I lead her to Christ. She was so thankful that she said would be attending church with her sister on Sunday.
God gave me a blessing that day, not just one but two. All because I asked him to send someone and I promised I would speak on his behalf. I challenge you today to ask the Lord to send someone for you too speak to. And watch what God will do.
God Bless all of You and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your families.