Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Lets Take A Journey And Discover The Bible Together"

Men have expressed to me a desire to read the Bible and to connect with God regularly but they just don't know how to go about it. Or they could use some motivation to get started.
Does this Sound like someone you know?

Let me ask you a question, between work, church, and your family and with so many other responsibilities that we have, Question: When and Where do you find time to read God's Word.
The answer to this question is we have to make time. In order for us to have a relationship with God we have to spend time in his word. He has so many things he wants to teach us and tell us, and God does that through his WORD. You will see that if we take time to spend in his word your life will start to change. And the way we act and react in life will be different.

As Christians this is a necessity, most of us desire to grow closer to God. But in this busy world we live in we just have a hard time finding the time. Does this sound like someone you know??

So I started wondering, would it help you if we could do it "together" several days a week for a month or so? We could all follow a plan I'd provide so we're all reading the same portions of scripture at the same time. I'm thinking maybe we'd move through each of the main men of the Bible. Then we could come here and check it off our to-do list by posting an "I'm done" once we've completed the day's reading.
Then we can even share in the comments any questions, insights, or reactions we have to the readings. That way we can also learn from one another after we've read the text and reflected on it ourselves.
Along the way I would post some comments, some study helps.

So guys what do think, is this something you would be interested in?? And would this be something that would keep you accountable to growing in God's Word.
So join in and lets get started. Post a comment if you are interested.

The Lord has blessed you and made you a blessing.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Alone

I sit here in this place alone, No one comes to visit no one calls me on the phone. I sit here in this place doesn't anyone care, I sit here and at these four walls I stare.Why have they forgotten me and left me all alone, no one comes to visit no one calls me on the phone. Well I guess this is it, this is where I'm going to die, I feel so all alone it makes me want to cry. What have I done wrong? To sit alone in this place, I would give my last breath just to see a familiar face, I guess this is where life ends your left all alone no one comes to visit, no one calls you on the phone. I thought there would be more to life then to being left in this place, I thought my family cared but there too busy, there time they won't waste. And where is God in all of this? I'm so angry at him I shake my fist, God you said you loved me and that you really care, but you don't come around either, I guess your not real or your just not there. And then one day you just popped in, and asked me "How are you"! You look like you need a friend, you told me about Jesus and the love he has for me, you told me to give him my heart and he sould set me free, and now I have recieved him and I no longer feel alone, because inside my heart he has now made his home, so it's ok that no one visits, or calls me on the phone because I now have Jesus and know I'm not alone. Thank you that you took the time to come and visit me and tell me about Jesus and how he could set me free. Never again will I be lonely, the Lord is always with me, now I am happy and at these four walls I know longer stare, because of the Love you showed me I know Jesus was always there. And now I know someone really does care. God Bless you.

This is a poem written By Rev. Brad Hurley inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The Lord gave me this poem to show me and others how lonely people are in hospitals and nusing homes, and people that are alone in there own homes. Notice that we need to go and take the message of Jesus Christ that he cares so that these people will see that they are never alone. The Bible says he will never leave us, nor forsake us. Let this poem be a blessing to your heart. Let the Spirit of God bring conviction to your heart to visit someone that is all alone. Take the good news of the gospel to them.

God's Love for his Children

God gave me a message while I was sitting in the living room watching tv, I knew that I was going to preach on sunday I took a moment and asked the Lord what do you really want me to say to your people. If this was the last message that I was going to preach and then I was going to die, what would you really want me to say! And God being faithful answered me, told me tell them this, Tell them that I love them, I'm always there, I have always been there, I love them so much, they are my precious children I have given everything for them, I know when they struggle and I care. I care when they hurt and I cry with them. I know when they make mistakes and I know when they are weak. I love them uncondionally cause they are mine. I am patient with all and my love is everlasting. And I have so much more for them that is coming. Do not worry I am here! I have not left no matter what. I have always been here and always will be. Time does not go by that I don't think about you! You are very important to me. I know when you have need. Cry out to me I am your Father and I desire to take care of you. And I will. Some have let you down, But I have not. Trust in me for my Lovc never ends. I have been there for you from the beginning and I care you are never alone. Share with me a life that never ends. Where there is no pain or sorrow, for I desire to hold you close forever. My arms are big enough to Love you always. Do not fret littleones, for your father cares for you and will never leave you as the world does. I am your strength, I know you and you are very special to me. Come unto me and I will care for you my little one, you have to just believe in me. I get excited when you get excited, I hurt when you hurt, I long for you to trust me, cry out to me and I will enbrace you, especially you! For you are my special precious child, that I Love more than anything. Trust in me, I care for you, I desire to give you my heart. Signed Your Father In Heaven That Loves You!!
Isn't it incredible that the God of this universe, who created Heave and Earth and all things in it, cares for you. And thinks more of you, than anything else that he has created. We have a Father that desires to have a personal relationship with you, one that is so presonal he leaves the door to his throne room open 24 hours a day, he never tires nor sleeps. His desire is YOU! You are blessed and you have been blessed to be a blessing to others. As you read this share the Love that God has for all his children, those that are saved and those that are lost. Be a light in a world of darkness. So that men that see your light shine will be drawn unto our saviour Jesus Christ. God Bless you, I hope this has been a blessing to you as it has been to me.
I would like to hear any comments you would like to share as well.

Thursday, June 12, 2008