Sunday, June 15, 2008

All Alone

I sit here in this place alone, No one comes to visit no one calls me on the phone. I sit here in this place doesn't anyone care, I sit here and at these four walls I stare.Why have they forgotten me and left me all alone, no one comes to visit no one calls me on the phone. Well I guess this is it, this is where I'm going to die, I feel so all alone it makes me want to cry. What have I done wrong? To sit alone in this place, I would give my last breath just to see a familiar face, I guess this is where life ends your left all alone no one comes to visit, no one calls you on the phone. I thought there would be more to life then to being left in this place, I thought my family cared but there too busy, there time they won't waste. And where is God in all of this? I'm so angry at him I shake my fist, God you said you loved me and that you really care, but you don't come around either, I guess your not real or your just not there. And then one day you just popped in, and asked me "How are you"! You look like you need a friend, you told me about Jesus and the love he has for me, you told me to give him my heart and he sould set me free, and now I have recieved him and I no longer feel alone, because inside my heart he has now made his home, so it's ok that no one visits, or calls me on the phone because I now have Jesus and know I'm not alone. Thank you that you took the time to come and visit me and tell me about Jesus and how he could set me free. Never again will I be lonely, the Lord is always with me, now I am happy and at these four walls I know longer stare, because of the Love you showed me I know Jesus was always there. And now I know someone really does care. God Bless you.

This is a poem written By Rev. Brad Hurley inspired by the Holy Spirit of God. The Lord gave me this poem to show me and others how lonely people are in hospitals and nusing homes, and people that are alone in there own homes. Notice that we need to go and take the message of Jesus Christ that he cares so that these people will see that they are never alone. The Bible says he will never leave us, nor forsake us. Let this poem be a blessing to your heart. Let the Spirit of God bring conviction to your heart to visit someone that is all alone. Take the good news of the gospel to them.


From the Heart said...

Both of your posts were just what I needed to hear. I have enjoyed reading Sharon's posts and comments. She has truly been a real friend to me. The Lord is truly using both of you to minister to His children.

From the Heart said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your uplifting words. I just put a new post on called The Will of God. You might want to take a look at it. It confirms (I think) the things you told me.
Thanks to you and Sharon for your prayers,

Joyfulsister said...

Aloha Rev Brad,

Thank you for your visit to my blog *smile*. I want you to know your beautiful wife is an awesome woman of God!! but you already know that huh? Amen. I treasure her sisterness. I read your poems and you truly have a gift of words, A gift that touches the heart and reaches the soul. I like to call these kinds of poems "Soul Cries". Cries of those who at times walk by us each and everyday, cries we cannot see, but the soul can feel. You write for many who cannot express their pain, their hurts, their bondages, their loneliness, but more so their hoplessness. You know Rev Brad, Only a heart filled with the compassion of the Lord could write something like this. Keep this gift flowing I know the Lord is pleased.

May God radiant light of hope continue to shine through you... Lorie