Thursday, August 7, 2008

We Need A Shepard

Have you wondered why the lord refers to us as sheep? He refers to us as sheep 77 times in the New Testament. and many more times in the old. Recently the Lord spoke to me to preach on follow Me! And then on sheep, as I started to research every thing that I could find on this subject. I found something very interesting, everybody's favorite Psalm seems to be the 23rd Psalm. Its used more than any other at funerals, and quoted by song writers and even quoted by people that are not christians. But do we really understand what the Lord is saying to us in this Psalm? First lets talk about sheep so we can better understand. We are the sheep that he is refering to.

  1. Sheep need a shepherd, or they will get lost.

  2. Sheep are gentle, but not that smart. They easily get into trouble on there own.

  3. They are timid and fearful.

  4. Cannot defend themselves, they have no sharp teeth, no way to hide, and they cannot run fast.

  5. If sheep cannot find grass they will wonder, not thinking of the dangers that are awaiting them.

  6. They will put them selves into postions that will require them to be rescued or they will die.

  7. Sheep do not do well alone, they need to be in flocks.

  8. Wolves and Lions hunt them to kill and destroy them.

  9. Sheep cannot be driven like cattle they must be led.

Do you see yourself as a christian in any of these facts about sheep? Does scripture come to mind when we talk about the different attributes of sheep?

Now lets talk about following the shepherd that is:

  1. Sheep need a shepherd to follow and to protect them John 10; 11-16

  2. A shepherd will lay his life down for the sheep, he watches over them day & night and he never leaves them alone.

  3. He knows his sheep and they know him.

  4. Two shepherds can mix there flock together, hundreds of them, the shepherds can call out to the sheep and they will hear and seperate and each one will follow his shepherd, because they know him.

  5. If it is storming or storms come the shepherd hides the sheep in a cave, and guards the front of it.

  6. A shepherd will temporaily leave his flock if one gets lost to find it. Luke 15; 4-7

  7. Sheep are often put in a pen with no gate, because the shepherd is the gate and he guards them with his staff. John 10;1-9

  8. Sheep when they have been lead to green pastures will eat untill they are full and then lay down and rest in the fullness of the shepherds goodness and grace.

  9. Have you trusted the good shepherd to lead you to a life of peace?do you know him does he know you?

What the Lord is saying to us here in Psalms 23 and in so many other scriptures in his word, is that we need a shepherd to lead us, through this life. Even though we think we can do it on our own, like so many sheep do, we soon find our selves lost and in trouble, and in need of a rescuer.

He desires to bless us and to lead us to green pastures, where we can be full and rest. He also desires to take us to the still waters, so that we can drink in his goodness. When the storms come, he desires to shelter us. He guards us with his staff, when the enemy approaches and desires to devour us.

The good shepherd never leaves us nor forsakes us. And he never stops seeking those sheep that are lost. He says that he knows his sheep and they know him. and that we do not do well alone. we need a flock that is why it is important to get together with other sheep. church! Thank You Lord, that you choose to sacrifice yourself and lead us into a life peace and happiness.


From the Heart said...

A great post. I recently posted about health issues that I've dealt with since my early 20's. I did it so that others might be encouraged that God will never leave them nor forsake them. He is definitely our Shepherd. I received a wonderful blessing from one of the ladies comment. She mentioned Ps 31. I thought she meant Psalms 31 so I read it and as I read it tears began to flow. The words became alive in my heart that God had truly been my salvation through out my life. I had read that chapter before I am sure but it was like a light bulb came on and God was talking to me through His word. He truly is my shepherd because I would not be here today were it not for Him. She really had meant Proverbs 31 but after she read Psalms 31 she realized that was the one God wanted me to read.
Thanks for your confirmation,

Aaron Holcombe said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I appreciate all the prayers that Myself and family can get. Great post about Psalms! I am adding you also to my blog so I can return often to read and so others can be encouraged through your blog. God bless you and your ministry for Him!

Aaron Holcombe said...

Hey there brother! Thanks so much for your comments today. I glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for bring out the nazerite violation by Samson. I also wanted to say thank you for this post, it inspire me to preach a sermon last night on: The good shepherd, the great shepherd, & the chief shepherd. May God bless you and your ministry. You are in my prayers.
In Christ

Pastor Lance A. Mann said...

Great post! I am looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and insights on the Word of God. Be blessed my blogging friend.

Lance Mann