Monday, November 3, 2008

Patience & Perseverance

Please forgive me for taking so long to post!! But I have been learning patience and perseverance from the Lord. I recently left the church that I was attending for 2-1/2 years. This decision was not made through malice, or haste, or of any disagreements between brothers and sisters. But after many weeks of prayer, my Lord informed me that it was time to move on. I Loved this church, so it was not easy to make this decision. But I have to be obedient. Since this time I thought I knew what patience was, buy I now have a new understanding of this wonderful word.

This has been a blessing in my life, because it has freed me to visit other churches of different denominations. Which has been a blessing, I have learned something that the church is indire need of help!! Congragations that were once overflowing have now become scarce. Everywhere we go we are asked to stay and to help with there ministry. But the Lord has not told me to stay. I know that God has prepared a ministry for me and my wife. It's hard for me to say No because I love all of these people that I come in contact with, because they are my brothers and sisters in Christ. But I have too be patient.

James tells us in 1:4, but let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and intire, wanting nothing. I have been offerd a position to be a pastor of a english service, that will be starting new. Even though this seems like the answer to my prayers I am being patient and waiting to hear from the Lord. I have heard many Christians say, don't pray for patience but I have corrected them, in love and have told them that patience is a blessing from God, and that patience produces perserverance. Just think if God didn't have patience with us there would be no grace. What if Jesus had no patience and decided that he wouldn't go to the cross, patience is love. Because we learn that we have to be patient with our brothers and sisters, those that are not saved yet and those that don't come to church.

I pray that all would learn to be more patient and the blessings that patience will bring into our lives as christians.


From the Heart said...

God will show you exactly where you need to be I'm sure. My husband and I are at a crossroads with the church we have attended for almost 30 years. It's just not the same anymore. I've had a lot of health issues during the past few years that have kept me from going, but I know we need to be going somewhere. I would appreciate your's and Sharon's prayers that God will lead us to the place we need to be.
God be with you,

Rev. Barney said...

I want to encourge you brother preacher stay focus. A wise young pastor told me sometime ago when I was being considered for a pastoral position, "don't let your ambition get ahead of you."

God will show you where he wants you. Where ever he plants you, bloom right there.

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Rev Brad..
It is a blessing to hear from you. I remember many years ago my husband and I had to make a decision about leaving a church we were in for a long time. After much praying and also waiting on the Lord we did so with the blessings of our Pastor and congregation. As a couple we had to be in agreement and we both needed to have the peace of the Lord, because the music ministry was what the Lord had given us to do together. It was easy to be in a church ministry that had been established for a long time. The Lord would begin to teach us that it was not about always being where we wanted to be , but where we needed to be, to do his will. We began to help churches start off music ministries and when that was established he moved us on to help other churches who were just starting out. This is the first time in years of evangelism that we have been in a home church for almost 5 yrs. The experience of helping build up ministries from the beginning has been an awesome journey. So let the Lord lead, and you both are doing the right thing by waiting on the Lord, I know he will open the doors where he knows you and and your beautiful wife Sharon will be a blessing for his glory. Remember the best is yet to come, the Lord is in the journey. Sorry didn't mean to ramble , but it brought back alot of memories..

Hugz to you both.. Lorie

Rev.Aaron Holcombe said...

Praying that God will show you exactly where He needs you to be. Be encouraged my brother.

Pastor Andre' A. McGhee said...

Glad to have you back my brother. I appreciate the comment you left on my post. I pray that you will stay encouraged as you heed God's voice for your ministry.

Fitts said...

Nice blog pastor, I will be sure to visit from time to time for wisdom and insight.

Grace & Peace,

DeAntwan Fitts

Rilda Peel said...

How true!! I Thank God alot for not giving up on me even when I did. Hehe!! I suppose it also is a form of our fruit ripening. It can be difficult to hear God's voice and know His plan clearly when others are there to steer us here and there. I speak His will in your life with the anointing flowing so all blessing blockers are blocked. Father bring your will forth, in Jesus Holy Name for yours is what makes life worth living JOYFULLY in your sight day and night. Be blessed, rilda *U*